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25-4011.00 Archivists
25-4013.00 Museum Technicians and Conservators
27-1013.00 Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators
27-1012.00 Craft Artists
27-1021.00 Commercial and Industrial Designers
27-1021.09 Commercial Artists
27-1022.00 Fashion Designers
27-1023.00 Floral Designers
27-1025.00 Interior Designers
27-1027.00 Set and Exhibit Designers
27-2011.00 Actors
27-2012.00 Producers and Directors
27-2030.00 Dancers and Choreographers
27-2032.00 Choreographers
27-2041.01 Music Directors
27-2042.00 Musicians and Singers
27-2042.02 Musicians, Instrumental
27-3011.00 Radio and Television Announcers
27-3022.00 Reporters and Correspondents
27-3031.00 Public Relations Specialists
27-3042.00 Technical Writers
27-3043.00 Writers and Authors
27-3091.00 Interpreters and Translators
27-3091.09 Sign Language Interpreters
27-4011.00 Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
27-4012.00 Broadcast Technicians
27-4014.00 Sound Engineering Technicians
27-4021.00 Photographers
27-4031.00 Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Motion Picture
27-4032.00 Film and Video Editors
39-5091.00 Makeup Artists, Theatrical and Performance
43-2010.00 Communications Equipment Operators
43-2021.00 Telephone Operators
43-9031.00 Desktop Publishers
43-9081.00 Proofreaders and Copy Markers
49-2022.03 Communication Equipment Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers
49-9052.00 Telecommunications Line Installers and Repairers
49-9063.00 Musical Instrument Repairers and Tuners
51-5022.00 Prepress Technicians and Workers
51-5023.00 Printing Machine Operators
51-5023.09 Printing Press Machine Operators and Tenders
51-9071.00 Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers
51-9132.00 Photographic Processing Machine Operators
51-9194.00 Etchers and Engravers
53-7062.02 Grips and Set-Up Workers, Motion Picture Sets, Studios, and Stages