Alabama Department of Labor

Labor Market Information Division
Workforce Development Region 10
High Demand Occupations
Base Year 2012 and Projected Year 2022
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SOCOccupation 20122022Percent Change (%) Avg Annual Growth (%) Avg Annual OpeningsAvg Annual Salary
131081Logisticians 45059031.492.7520$77,674
291123Physical Therapists 13018039.843.3110$89,897
291171Nurse Practitioners13017036.802.725$87,298
292021Dental Hygienists 29038031.512.7415$46,043
291141Registered Nurses2,6503,22021.371.97110$53,843
119111Medical and Health Services Managers 17022024.862.6110$94,169
312021Physical Therapist Assistants 11016040.183.825$51,591
471011First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Construction Tr66081023.402.0720$49,981
472031Carpenters 76099030.792.6830$30,664
292032Diagnostic Medical Sonographers 9013043.013.755$47,388
151132Software Developers, Applications17021023.842.145$87,245
499021Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers 35044025.652.3120$36,843
131111Management Analysts 27032020.001.7110$75,349
436013Medical Secretaries 37051039.623.2620$26,425
532012Commercial Pilots 58067015.831.4525$91,346
119021Construction Managers 28033018.911.6610$80,822
119151Social and Community Service Managers 11013025.471.685$60,418
131051Cost Estimators 23028020.351.9910$53,450
211022Medical and Public Health Social Workers 16020027.102.265$44,526
319092Medical Assistants 59078031.472.8330$23,897
291122Occupational Therapists 608028.572.925$78,431
251072Nursing Instructors and Teachers, Postsecondary 7010031.513.635$61,763
292012Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians 13016030.162.105$37,327
292041Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics 42051022.781.9620$34,261
311011Home Health Aides 50067033.672.9725$18,845
292061Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses 1,5601,87019.971.8370$33,916
399021Personal and Home Care Aides 34049045.863.7220$17,306
172051Civil Engineers 21025017.221.7610$65,541
472061Construction Laborers 8201,03025.822.3140$22,217
131161Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists16020021.602.265$52,553
151133Software Developers, Systems Software10013023.762.665$80,030
291031Dietitians and Nutritionists 608030.002.925$51,401
512011Aircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging, and Systems Assemblers 46054019.561.6215$40,608
473013Helpers--Electricians 13018037.983.315$25,881
536051Transportation Inspectors 18021016.571.5510$67,327
472111Electricians 44053020.551.8815$33,839
272022Coaches and Scouts 18021019.321.5510$48,481
472141Painters, Construction and Maintenance 25031024.302.1710$32,162
514192Lay-Out Workers, Metal and Plastic 508053.064.815$29,246
291127Speech-Language Pathologists 8010022.622.265$70,862
Note: Occupations were selected using unrounded data based on the descending order of average ranking based on three variables: growth, openings, and wages. May 2014 wage data based on the May 2013 OES employment and wage estimate file.

Data provided by the Alabama Department of Labor, Labor Market Information Division in cooperation with the Projections Managing Partnership, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Totals in some occupational groups may not add due to exclusion of sub-groups and/or individual occupations with employment of less than 10 in the base (2012) and projected (2022) years or where publication of the occupation would violate confidentiality. *** The data for these occupations are confidential according to standards provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. * Percent change is based on unrounded data. 1. Employment is rounded to the nearest 10. 2. Average Annual Growth is compounded. 3. Openings are rounded to the nearest 5.