Alabama Department of Labor

Labor Market Information Division
Alabama's 2022 LAUS and CES
Publication Schedule
Reference Month  Publication Date
January Monday, 3/14/2022, 8:00AM
February Friday, 3/25/2022, 8:00AM
March Friday, 4/15/2022, 8:00AM
April Friday, 5/20/2022, 8:00AM
May Friday, 6/17/2022, 8:00AM
June Friday, 7/22/2022, 8:00AM
July Friday, 8/19/2022, 8:00AM
August Friday, 9/16/2022, 8:00AM
September Friday, 10/21/2022, 8:00AM
October Friday, 11/18/2022, 8:00AM
November Friday, 12/16/2022, 8:00AM
December Friday, 1/20/2023, 8:00AM
Southeastern States Map available Tuesday, 1/24/2023