Alabama Department of Labor

Labor Market Information Division
Alabama Covered Employment and Wages
Annual 2019
Benefit Payments, Contributions, & Amount of Benefits
Paid by Industry
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Industry DivisionBenefit PaymentsEmployer & Employee ContributionsAmount of Benefits Paid for Each Dollar of Contributions
Total, All Industries                                                   145,626,651 194,558,046$0.75
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting988,0911,768,404$0.56
Wholesale Trade6,124,9018,285,507$0.74
Retail Trade13,845,89319,462,324$0.71
Transportation and Warehousing4,231,4177,527,269$0.56
Finance and Insurance5,992,1777,672,840$0.78
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing2,003,3343,099,743$0.65
Professional and Technical Services8,553,16913,670,103$0.63
Management of Companies and Enterprises753,5782,543,116$0.30
Administrative and Waste Services19,833,92522,461,976$0.88
Educational Services3,593,6991,199,549$3.00
Health Care and Social Assistance12,460,56017,994,989$0.69
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation971,2642,026,978$0.48
Accommodation and Food Services7,503,92916,592,525$0.45
Other Services, Ex. Public Admin4,406,8256,098,809$0.72
Public Administration2,031,235488,866$4.15
All state government reporting units and most local government reporters are subject to Alabama Unemployment Compensation Law under reimbursing provisions for making payments in lieu of contributions.