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SOC: 53-5021 Captains, Mates, and Pilots of Water Vessels
Command or supervise operations of ships and water vessels, such as tugboats and ferryboats, that travel into and out of harbors, estuaries, straits, and sounds and on rivers, lakes, bays, and oceans. Required to hold license issued by U.S. Coast Guard. Exclude "Motorboat Operators" (53-5022).
Education: Most occupations in this zone require training in vocational schools, related on-the-job experience, or an associate's degree.
OJT: Employees in these occupations usually need one or two years of training involving both on-the-job experience and informal training with experienced workers. A recognized apprenticeship program may be associated with these occupations.
Tasks: Steer and operate vessels, using radios, depth finders, radars, lights, buoys, or lighthouses. Dock or undock vessels, sometimes maneuvering through narrow spaces, such as locks. Adjust navigation according to weather conditions. Inspect vessels to ensure efficient and safe operation of vessels and equipment and conformance to regulations. Read gauges to verify sufficient levels of hydraulic fluid, air pressure, or oxygen.
License: No ASPA applications fees; however, applicants are advised to check with the U.S. Coast Guard for a full list of their license fee schedule.
Outlook: Satisfactory
Alabama Employment Outlook
Alabama Wage Data
Hourly Wage   Annual Wage
Entry $26.96   Entry $56,071.00
Mean $41.03   Mean $85,330.00
Experience $48.06 Experience $99,960.00

The data is based on the May 2017 Occupation Employment Survey employment and wage estimate file. The wages have been aged using the most current ECI factors reflecting wages as of June 2018.

Alabama Projections
Estimated Employment 2016Projected Employment 2026Annual Average OpeningsAnnual Growth Rate
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53-5021.00 Captains, Mates, and Pilots of Water Vessels