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SOC: 47-4091 Segmental Pavers
Lay out, cut, and paste segmental paving units. Include installers of bedding and restraining materials for the paving units.
Education: These occupations usually require a high school diploma.
OJT: Employees in these occupations need anywhere from a few months to one year of working with experienced employees. A recognized apprenticeship program may be associated with these occupations.
Tasks: Prepare base for installation by removing unstable or unsuitable materials, compacting and grading the soil, draining or stabilizing weak or saturated soils and taking measures to prevent water penetration and migration of bedding sand. Supply and place base materials, edge restraints, bedding sand and jointing sand. Discuss the design with the client. Set pavers, aligning and spacing them correctly. Sweep sand into the joints and compact pavement until the joints are full. Screed sand level to an even thickness, and recheck sand exposed to elements, raking and rescreeding if necessary. Cut paving stones to size and for edges, using a splitter and a masonry saw. Compact bedding sand and pavers to finish the paved area, using a plate compactor. Design paver installation layout pattern and create markings for directional references of joints and stringlines. Sweep sand from the surface prior to opening to traffic. Resurface an outside area with cobblestones, terracotta tiles, concrete or other materials. Cement the edges of the paved area.
License: License not required.
Outlook: Excellent
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47-4091.00 Segmental Pavers