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Covered Employment and Wages
4th Quarter 2017
 Industry Sectors
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IndustryAverage EmploymentTotal WagesAverage Weekly Wage
Total, All Industries 10,859$103,654,361$734
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting 121$1,622,002$1,028
Mining ***
Utilities 103$3,058,185$2,284
Construction 477$5,221,735$841
Manufacturing 1,613$23,278,737$1,110
Wholesale Trade 202$3,542,859$1,349
Retail Trade 1,685$11,310,208$516
Transportation and Warehousing 114$978,132$660
Information 34$589,760$1,321
Finance and Insurance 264$3,313,689$967
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing 127$1,278,889$777
Professional and Technical Services 236$3,978,654$1,295
Management of Companies and Enterprises ***
Administrative and Waste Services 244$1,834,921$578
Educational Services 183$1,198,330$505
Health Care and Social Assistance 1,006$8,149,951$623
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 240$670,834$215
Accommodation and Food Services 1,273$4,530,653$274
Other Services, Ex. Public Admin 235$1,678,548$550
Total Federal Government86$1,204,710$1,078
Total State Government593$6,540,474$848
Total Local Government1,905$17,291,844$698